Controls moss, liverworts, algae and lichens on roofs, decks, stucco, fences, woodwork and in greenhouses. Our moss control system is biodegradable and contains none of the hazardous, staining or corrosive materials found in other moss killers. The non toxic nature means that it can be used around homes and pets with a minimum of inconvenience or hazard to people and wildlife. On porous surfaces like cedar shingles and shakes, our spray penetrates the wood and retards recolonization. The moss killed soon discolours, dies and sloughs away naturally eliminating the need for scraping or high pressure blasting. The moss control system removes the black grime associated with the growth of algae on wood roofs. The treatment of new roofs extends the life of that attractive natural wood look. Our Moss control system is safe enough to use with confidence in public places such as parks, children’s playgrounds, schools, shopping malls and marinas where it can be used to clean cryptograms from park furniture, playground equipment and walkways. Non-corrosive to metal and non-staining to most surfaces.

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